Moving into Freedom

Who are we?
Revive Fit Studio is a movement. Revive Barre and Breathe.Stretch.Pray are more than classes. They are an experience with the Lord and with one another while working toward our fitness goals. These classes are vehicles that God can use to heal, revive and set clients FREE.

The Request?
We are seeking $30,000 by December 31, 2018 from friends, family and those passionate about bringing heaven to earth so that we can all walk in who we are created to be…free from comparison, pain, trauma, cancer, daily mental battles and so much more. The Lord is the ultimate Redeemer who can lead us on this complete health journey as we steward our bodies well in a fitness environment.

Purpose of Funds?
This funding will specifically be used for part-time compensation for three members of our team over a six month period in order for us to research, refine, and prepare a training manual(s) and curriculum with the BEST scripture-based class format for true healing. God has led us back to the drawing board for our second pilot group of Breathe.Stretch.Pray and though it will take more time, it is going to be GOOD. Quality. Rejuvenating. Healing. Because God doesn’t create anything that isn’t amazing and He is leading this journey!

Our team will be dedicating time and energy to finding the best techniques out there to incorporate into this truly unique class. This includes delving deep into physical therapy, massage therapy, inner healing, counseling, mental toughness workshops, breathing techniques, trauma therapy, and more. Our BSP class will be all-encompassing and it WILL lead many clients to miraculous freedom.

The vision is to create an instructor training manual and teacher curriculum to lead quarterly trainings throughout the year. It will create sustainable income for our studio and will help raise funds for our very own space. All the while, Megan is working hard to keep the studio-side of things up and running and classes are GROWING! Help us to launch into this next phase of growth by pouring into our sustainable vision. We hope to one day be in most states and even expand internationally!