Our Classes Change People…

There is not enough time in a day to have quality time with the Lord, to work out and to be with friends. All of these elements are crucial for holistic health and true transformation of body, soul and spirit. In our classes, you can expect a fun and inviting atmosphere where we offer the best of the best techniques, expertise and music. All the while, our instructors are mindful to speak life and truth over our clients as we center our minds on the Lord. Now, that’s what we call transformation!

Revive Barre (60 min)

Our barre technique will trim, tighten and tone your entire body through small weights and repetitive short and isometric movements. Expect those small weights to get heavy quickly and to leave class feeling a bit “shaky”…in the best way possible! This full-body workout is great for all fitness levels, as we provide modifications and progressions no matter your experience. We conclude each class with specific stretches and lead you to renew your mind with a short devotional as you center your body, soul, and spirit on the Lord.

Breathe.Stretch.Pray (60 min)

Our signature class that offers strengthening poses and prayerful stretching which center on the Lord. Each pose was created with purpose, both spiritually and physically. Our experienced instructors lead you through the best way to connect to the Lord through body, soul, and spirit with a huge emphasis on breath.  By inviting the Lord into our workout, we leave room for Him to renew and refresh us. We conclude each class with a small massage and an essential oil mist if so desired.

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