More Than a Fitness Studio…

God is the true CEO of this organization and thus, all profits are His. As a social business, Revive Fit Studio aims to do more than provide the best experience for our clients. We believe that business can be used for the greater good of our world…to give back. Thus, 20% of ALL profits go to our nonprofit partner, ROWAN. Additionally, we partner with Imani Xchange through our Global Store. By attending a class, you are getting holistic wellness AND supporting our friends around the world to help give them a better life.

Beyond Beads…
By attending class, you are helping to educate, employ, and provide health for orphans and widows in Uganda. Revive Fit gives back 20% of all profits to women like those pictured here. By shopping at our Global Store (in studio only), you are also employing the women at ROWAN. Thank you for joining the journey.

ROWAN – Uganda

ROWAN employs 15 women in jewelry-making in the Bugiri District of Uganda. Many of them have HIV or AIDS and long to bring health, hope and education to their families. By purchasing your earrings and necklaces, you are helping these women to invest in sustainable futures for themselves and their kids. With your support of their art, they are breaking the mold!

The programs in place at ROWAN help with more than just a paycheck. Pastor Wafu, one of the Ugandan leaders on the ground led the entire effort to create savings groups with more than 150 Ugandans in their village. The participants are now able to save enough money to send their children to school, put food on the table, and even pour into their own personal dreams and businesses. If you want to see sustainable change up close and personal, here it is!

Pastor Wafu works hand-in-hand with Co-Founder, Pastor Paul. After an uprising in Kampala, Pastor Paul escaped to the village, surviving 42 brutal “beatings” of a machete. He vowed to the Lord that if He saved his life, that he would give back to his community. And he is. ROWAN has been able to implement educational programs, health programs, and the savings groups, and they are planning for so much more growth with the help of the state-side Co-Founder, Kelsey Hargadine. Learn more about their story here or visit their website.
Meet Immaculate…
By furnishing your home, you are directly employing women like Immaculate so that they can provide for their families in Kenya.

Imani Xchange – Kenya

In 2016, Immaculate Bomu walked through Imani’s doors with her babe, Glen. Immaculate was abandoned by her husband shortly after the birth of their son. She was left without a home, money, direction or hope. Her low moments were dark and one night she attempted to end it all. However, our Redeemer had much bigger plans for her. Immaculate fought for joy, provision, and skill.

Today, she is now on the Imani weaving team. By buying our merchandise, you are helping her to get on her feet! She is getting her driver’s license, has moved into her own apartment, is learning English, and she is fearlessly dreaming of returning to Tanzania to open her own shop. She desires to restore hope to other women and to pour into those around her every day. Immaculate is a warrior! Thank you for empowering her and for loving her well!